Locker Room Industrial Style

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Last year we decided to try flipping real estate. While it is a ton of work, it can be very rewarding. My job is to help with the designing, which walls to tear out, which to let well enough alone, rearranging bathrooms, kitchens, picking out door get the drift. I also do the staging afterwards with whatever we happen to have on hand. Spending as little as possible is the name of the game. Since I have zero training in designing it's all by trail and error. Once I've picked out all the flooring, lighting, paint colors etc, I move on to the staging.


The last house we renovated I decided to go for the industrial look. See Brick Flip for more details on each room. I needed to come up with some 'things' for staging that wouldn't cost too much.

I have to confess, I really really wanted to paint some old lockers, but time was limited and with no place to store them afterwards, sadly I had to move on to something that didn't take up so much room. Although I am determined that one day I am going to take a shot at it. In the meantime, if you live in Langley, BC, stop by The Passionate Home. They have a beautiful set of painted lockers just waiting for you!

I had to settle for the next best thing. I had seen some ideas on line using plumbing material and I thought it would be the perfect style for this house. Why not? I had some leftover flooring from another flip in the garage, so that's where I headed first. I cut the boards so they were all different lengths. I then fit them together and used a bit of wood glue. I also added three small wood slates across the back and screwed them in to help secure the boards. Make sure the screws are not too long, as you don't want them poking through to the front.

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I stained the wood with a couple coats of AS dark wax. I made a glaze by adding a bit of thinner. While that was curing I got out my Silhouette machine and cut myself some stencils. Since I was so hung up on those lockers I decided to stencil the words locker room on and then randomly picked W6. The wood stain was so dark and I didn't want the lettering to get lost so I backed it with some Annie Sloan old white first. Then I stenciled on the black lettering. Same thing with the W6. I painted AS emperors silk and added old white lettering. Once all the paint was dry I distressed it with sandpaper.


I ran to the hardware store plumbing department to find the parts I needed to make the hooks. I ended up using: I/2" floor plate, 1/2" close nipple, and a 1/2"cap for each hook. I screwed them in place.


I had some left over hinges I had taken off some old cupboards. First I cleaned them up a bit, painted them with some metallic paint to freshen them a bit and then added a couple to the front. I still wanted a bit more character so I put a painted zinc corner plate on all four corners, painting them a hammered metallic first.

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Then it was ready for staging.


Do you think this is something you could see hanging in your mudroom for the kids to hang their backpacks on, or a sauna or workout room to drape your house coats or towels over? Or maybe even in your washroom for towels to dry? Where else do you think it might be useful? I would love to hear your ideas. Talk to me....

Meet you at the post!


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