The Brick Flip: Main Bath Makeover


Talk about a challenge! There were so many different design ideas I had for this bathroom to make it feel more airy and spacious, but in the end they would not have fit within the budget set for this space. Trying to get the most value possible and still stay within a reasonable budget is the ultimate goal.

Sorry about the before pictures. I almost forgot to take them, so I had to use my iphone. : )


All the old shelving had to go. We changed the showerhead to a rain shower coming from the ceiling. Added a glass wall and a curved shower curtain.


It's hard to tell because of the sun coming through the window on the before picture, but there wasn't any crown molding at all so we added simple but effective moldings to the window and ceiling as well as new baseboards. I used the same tile on the floor as in the shower to give the illusion of a larger space. As this was the only bathroom on the main (no master ensuite) I tried to make it as open as possible without stretching my budget too much.


The whole sink area was gutted, including the cabinet, sink, vanity, lights, the works. We took out the wall and swapped it for a pony wall, which housed the plumbing for the tub faucet creating a more open look.


Added a new mirror, frosted vessel sink, lights, black granite and some new taps.


Since you can't really see the light fixture in this picture here's a better one. As I reveal the rest of the house you'll notice an industrial theme thoughout. I spotted these industrial steel vanity lights at Pine Lighting online.

Here's a reminder of the old bathroom. It went from this......


to this...


Unfortunately the glass wall hadn't arrive in time for the photo shoot, but it still gives you a good feel for how much more open it looks now. Here's a picture that I took afterwards. It leaves the open look almost virtually untouched.


You can't see in the pictures, but the vanity has custom-made steel legs to give it an industrial edge. Underneath you'll find river rock, matching the strip in the shower, peaking out from beneath to meet the edge of the pony wall. If you look at the reflection in the mirror you can see the chalk paint on the top center of the door giving another nod to the industrial theme.


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