Another Perfect Day


Summer is definately on the way in with another perfect day is underway. I may not be at the beach, but I think poolside counts don't you? : )


All this sunshine has put me in the mood to share one of my beach signs with you. This sign took a few extra steps to get the look I was after. I wanted the back ground to resemble sand and water. After sanding down the pallets boards until fairly smooth I attached them to some smaller lattice strips with small screws to secure them in place.


I gave the wood a wash of Annie Sloan Coco mixed with AS Old White and then a light coat of AS Louis Blue. Once dry I sanded lightly on top and a little more heavily towards the bottom so the Coco would be more prominant to give the illusion of sand, water and sky.

I painted the sea shell in AS White. Then I created a stencil with my silhouette machine and stenciled on the printing in AS Graphite.


Once that was done, a little more light sanding to give it that beachy look, add some finishing was, a little polishing and it's ready to make it's day in the sun!


Easy peasy! I'm lovin' the washed look. I might just make a few more of these babies!

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