Look Who's Back!

An old friend dropped by for a visit this week. I'm hopping she decides to stay a while. We've had a wonderful reunion........

......lounging in the shade of the eaves. The tranquility of the drizzling waterfall enveloping us, while the flowers next to it nod gently in agreement.

The air perfumed by the heavy scent of freshly cut flowers, mingling with the unmistakeable fragrance of recently mowed grass. A perfect view of the third green serving as a backdrop to a very enjoyable afternoon.

Please, let me introduce you to Ms. Mantle.

She could often be seen from my studio window leaning up against the outside wall below the deck, shielding herself from the elements as she peered in like a lost puppy longing to be loved. I just couldn’t ignore her any longer. I missed her.

Ms. Mantle used to live in our den. She dressed up as a bookcase then, supervising my Dad's old National Geographic collection, safely tucking them in on an old antique ladder hung just above her head. Then we moved and she struggled to find her place in her new surroundings.

I invited her to create an ambience in the dining room, but she felt too congested there. I bade her to masquerade as a headboard in the new guest room, but she just wasn’t comfortable enough. So sadly I had no choice but to move her outside with the promise of a fulfilling purpose in the not so distant future. That was almost two years ago.

I’m so glad we have come to a compromise. I’m loving her company out on the patio. She seems happy there don’t you think? Maybe I should give her a makeover. Cover up that old AS Duck Egg paint with some Greek Blue perhaps? Add a little protective coat to seal the deal?

Maybe you can help me decide what color to paint her? Come on by anytime. I would love to hear your suggestions. You'll likely find me outside while the weather's nice, keeping company with Ms. Mantle and a tall, cool glass of iced tea.


Meet you at the post!


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