The Rest Of The Story

The last time we met we had a little chat about the lovely old wrought iron gate. Today I want to share with you 'the rest of the story'.

This condo was quite dark and very out of date. It had a closed off kitchen, old sliding patio doors leading to an enclosed patio, and a small, dark master bedroom. The entry had a small front closet and a laundry room that I felt could spare a foot or two. More about that later. Here's the before pics.

This was the view from the entry. Immediatly to the right is a small closet with old bi-fold doors. To the left is the doorway into the kitchen. My plan was to take down the wall move the sink to the side and have a totally open concept, however there were common pipes in this corner of the kitchen and I had to adjust my plan a little, as you'll see in the after pictures.

This is another shot of the same corner wall from the dining room. They did have a pass through, but it was still very closed off.

Here are the lovely kitchen cupboards with the flourescent lighting. Who can forget those!

Here is a reminder from the last post of what the old wodden rail and bulky fireplace looked like. It's the best before picture I have of the fireplace. Trust me, it was old, ugly and stuck out into the room. Hopefully I will eventually get better at the before and after shots!

The patio doors off the living room lead to an enclosed balcony. Since it was completely enclosed I thought it was high time to lose those doors.

The master bath ensuite and the main bath. Lovely aren't they?

Finally the master bedroom. Again, with a sliding door leading to the same enclosed room as the living room doors. You can't see in this picture but the partial wall in the right corner of the picture was the closet and then a very small walkway to the ensuite. The closet will be relocated to open up the room.

Now for the after shots.

Welcome to the Wrought Iron Gate Condo!

Come on into the entry hall and hang up your coat. Approximately two feet were 'borrowed' from the laundry room to add just enough depth to turn the old bi-fold closet into a cute and functional mudroom. I love the end result!

Here is a staight on view. The opening is just over five feet wide leaving plenty of room to sit comfortably and change your shoes etc. I added hooks for coats and dedicated the back right corner for hanging longer items. There are lots of storage cubbies for shoes, hats, scarves, books and more.

Now let's step into the kitchen. This is the view from entrance into kitchen. I couldn't resist adding a little bit of bling...

As you can see here from the dining room side it's nice and open now. Say good-bye to that nasty old pass-through! Ahhhh! Much better.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining room you'll notice that even though we weren't able to completely remove that corner wall we were still able to open the doorway to the entrance hall and the dining room enough to make a huge difference in the space.

I must confess I was feeling much like Pepé Le Pew, strolling around Paris in springtime, feeling so much 'l'amour' for the french impression exuding from the wrought iron gate that I just couldn't help myself. Stenciling two fluer de lis' onto the wall, frames included, was as impossible to resist as Pepé himself. Of course what's a little french sidewalk bistro without a chalkboard for 'un menu de fromages et vin extotic, oui'? (I'm not sure that I was paying close enough attention in french class, or to the old looney toone cartoon character for that matter, but that's my two 'scents' worth on the language of love. Lol!)

Now back to the matter at hand. This is where the patio door was that lead to the built in patio. It's now been divided between this office space and a sitting room in the master that you will see later.

The updated fireplace.

It's hard to see in this picture, but I just love the uptown style of the tile on the fireplace. Here is a better close up taken from their website. Don't you just love it?!

Now lets take a look at the master bedroom shall we? The sliding doors are gone and the wall is opened up to present the step down private sitting room. Let there be light!!!

The closet had been removed from the middle of the room and turned sideways against the wall making the room twice as big as it was. (Remember, the closet jutted out into the room creating a hallway separating the bedroom from the bathroom). Of course what's a master bedroom without a lovely crystal chandelier!

Ok, so I got a little carried away again with the framing on the wall, but I kind of like that it creates a backdrop for the master bed. In case I haven't mentioned it before, most of the furniture used in my staging is actually made from boxes. The bed here is nine boxes plus one box for the headboard. It's called Next Stage Furniture. Check out their website. It makes it much more manageable because it all folds flat for storage. Love it.

Here's the sitting room close up and personal. Again, this chair and ottoman are made from boxes. A little touch of bling in the light fixture from to finish it off. By the way, all the light fixtures too me hours to put together with all those crystals, but I do love the bling!

Have a seat, put up your feet and enjoy the view! Moving the closet and taking out the wall with the patio doors allowed all that wonderful light to come streaming in, turning what was once a small dingy bedroom into a beautiful, spacious, sunfilled master suite.

Master and sitting room. Love it!

Master ensuite. Quite a big change here.

Main bath. Wish you could see the chandeliers in both bathrooms better because they all have crystals and really added a lot of class the bathrooms.