As I appear to be sitting at crossroads in my life since the recent passing of my mother, knowing I must decide which path to take now, it seems only fitting that this next project comes to the forefront.

Crossroads are not an easy place to be. Decision-making is not my forte. Ask anyone who knows me well. That’s probably why you’ll notice I couldn’t decide whether to go black on white, or white on black? So I made both. Why not, I say?!

This project is really simple to make. I use two of the same sized pieces of recycled pallet wood. White wash them with their base coat of Annie Sloan White or Graphite. When it comes to the lettering make sure to leave the space between the words for the top board so as not to cover any letters when it was put together.

While the base coat was drying I went to my silhouette machine to create a stencil. You can of course use whichever method your most comfortable with to do the lettering. Printing and tracing over the letters using transfer paper works well. Or rubbing a pencil on the back of the printed words and then tracing so it transfers onto your project is another method. That method would not work well on the graphite though, unless maybe you used a white pencil, however I have not tried that. If someone has, let me know if it works?

Some people have a steady enough hand to do it freehand. Most days that would not be me! Lol! There are lots of tutorials out there, however I may post about the methods I prefer in the future. I’m still trying to decide! ; )

Once the lettering is painted I distress with sandpaper and then wax and polish. Be sure to let the wax cure overnight before polishing. When I've accomplished the look I'm going for I put the two pieces of wood together with wood glue and screws and add picture hooks onto the back in two spots so it hangs straight. Then off to The Passionate Home it goes. I will be making more of these to keep in stock here at home for the busy season coming up. Fun project!

So what do you think? Black on white, or white on black?

When you have a minute check out my shop page. I’m working hard on getting all my signs online for the Christmas season, which is closer then you may think! I might even see some reindeer crossing signs in my near future! Would that be red on white, or white on red? Or both? Decisions, decisions……. Happy Shopping!


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