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Hello my friends and welcome back! I hope you have all had the best of the holiday seasons and are welcoming in a most wonderful and happy new year! It has taken me a while to adjust to life around here again, but I am ready to start writing and blogging again. Are you ready?! : ) Here goes.......

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Wine perhaps? Perfect! Let’s chat.

Is this a A ‘hmmmm….’ moment? Or ingenious concept? You be the judge....

So…my original plan for our White Rock Reno was to replace the old railing separating the living room from the dining room with pre-lit willow branches. These would provide an ambience while still allowing the room to breath. Easy enough, yes? I have run across different variations of the same, many times while shopping for decor. If I was not successful in obtaining the pre-lit ones, I would consider adding the mini lights myself, if need be. A rack could be fashioned for them and voila, a room divider. How hard could it be?

As it happens, I searched high and low for these branches. The original store that sold them has since ‘retired’. The local nursery that always had them in stock was out and could/would not order in for me. I had looked everywhere I could think of, nothing. Not even a twig. As the deadline approached I got more and more anxious. Some kind of room divider should have already been on site to be installed! The drywall was scheduled to go up and still, no clarification of the railing dilemma.

As the final hour of my quest was coming to a close I found myself gracing the doorstep of one of my favourite retailers, The Renaissance Home. By now I had very little expectations and even less of a budget at my disposal. Nonetheless, given the gravity of the situation, meandering through the displays for ideas appeared to be justified. Besides, I believe I deserved a little restitution, don’t you?. What’s the point in panicking anyway right?

As I was perusing the aisles (really it was more like sprinting, after all, time was marching on!) something caught my eye. Stop! Could it be? What were the chances? Might it work? Do you see it? The charming rusty old gate behind the bed? Yes, the one, sporting just the perfect amount of patina. It spoke to me. What do you think? It’s certainly not the original look I was going for, but I’ve learned it’s easier to roll with the punches. I took a leap of faith and went with my instinct. I didn’t let it out of my site until it was properly flagged as sold.

Here's the before again...

and the after...

Seriously, what do you all think? An ingenious concept, or a….’hmmmmmm, what was she thinking?!’ moment? The jury is to hear what you all think.

I will share the rest of the condo renos next time.

Meet you at the post!



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