The Brick Flip: Kitchen Exposé

The heart of the home; grand central station; where friends and family gather: the kitchen.

Hello there Johnny Raincloud! It is pouring rain outside today and I am in the mood for a chat. What better place to share my thoughts with my wonderful guests then in a cozy little red-bricked kitchen? Come on in, grab a cup of coffee and let’s shoot the breeze awhile. Today I bring you one of my favourite kitchen renos to date from the Brick Flip.

I absolutely love this kitchen! It didn’t start out so nice though did it? It had a wall right smack in the middle, which housed the fridge, dividing it into three small sections. Who thinks of these things? The wall, of course, was the first to go.

Good-bye wall. Helllloooo Island!

Isn’t that much better?

Removing the walls and adding the french doors opened up the whole main floor brightening this baby up immensely.

Yes, that is corrugated galvanized steel on the island. I just thought I'd serve up a little of my industrial credo, punctuating the space with a dash of interest. Every home has to have a wee bit of a wink of the unexpected don't you think?. : )

I chose the red brick backsplash to complement the old brick fireplace. If you remember from my previous post, The-Brick-Flip-Living-Room-Reveal, it would have been too costly to resurface, so I ran with it. It wasn’t easy to find an exact match, so I bought two different color sets and tried to alternate them in such a way as to duplicate the pattern of the brick in the living room.

Aren’t those chandeliers do die for? I love that the character and rustic beauty of the canopies give-way allowing the glamorous sparkle to seize the spotlight, graciously imbuing a whisper of formality. I loved them so much I ordered extras so I could do my own kitchen when we renovate. I actually have no idea if or when that’s going to happen, but by gosh, I’ve got my island lights! LOL.

What red-bricked kitchen doesn’t call for some kind of chalkboard? It just wouldn’t be the same without it. Once the cupboards were in and I added the Annie Sloan chalk paint, perfection. All that was left to do was a little typography and presto, bring on the espresso! This gathering place is now ready for a brand new family to enjoy.

I think that was time very well spent. I hope you do too.

Thanks so much for dropping in.


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