Early Morning Quandary Part I

Journal excerpt....

Location: The Old Rectory, Leire, England

It was still predawn and there I was with my usual chipper, sunny morning personality intact, standing amongst the assembled luggage, eagerly awaiting to be collected. (OK, so I may not be a morning person, however, I am rendering myself as such for the explicit purpose of self-preservation! : ) The weather conditions were rather dreary and wet this particular AM as we gather our belongings in preparation for the next leg of our journey, Stockholm, Sweden.

I was entertainging a slight curiosity as to how all of our luggage was going to squeeze into the Rolls Royce, along with it's five occupants, when the query suddenly vanished. My full attention was drawn to the rear doors as they automatically swung open upon our approach. How delightful! One could get used to such a service! As it happens, this grand gesture was to reveal an interior so white I could swear I caught the sound of tinklng chimes that one often hears in animated fairytales. Do you remember when the magical fairy godmother granted three wishes? Or was that the genie in the bottle? Either way, I was thankful to have my sunshades handy.

Being the wet soggy morning that it was doesn't come without a few disadvantages, other than the obvious of course. The one that jumped to the forefront was: how on earth was I to safely arrive inside this winter wonderland without leaving ghaslty footprints all over the interior? Considering the collection of debris on the soles of my shoes one would think I had slogged numerous miles through the jungle during a torrential downpour in order to arrive at my intended destination. Peering into the backseat at this moment gave the impression of looking into the wrong end of the telescope. Suddenly appearing before me was the vast expanse of the great white north, nary a hint of yellow snow in sight....as of yet!

The floorboards of the unsullied interior was adorned, not with rubber car mats common folk such as I would expect, but in their place lay a pure white lambs wool rug. Surely you can understand my dilemma? I could only hold my feet up off the carpet for so long and my muscles began to cramp in procrastination as my forehead broke out into a nasty sweat. I looked to my travelling companion for a solution to this early morning quandary, regretfully seeing only sheer panic in her eyes. The sight of her along with her soiled sneakers (and we're talking size 11 here folks!) awkwardly hovering merely inches off the luxurious, plush, white carpet, threatening to soil its purity, was of little comfort to me in my moment of discomposure. It was clear she was no closer to a resolution than I.

to be continued........

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