Early Morning Quandary Part II

Journal excerpt.......


Location: The Old Rectory, Leire, England

In search of some sort of clarification, my gaze traveled forward. As I witnessed the Lady of the Manor take her rightful place in the front passenger side, she ever so neatly removed her tidy little oxfords, leaving nary a smidgen nor a smudge, nor even a blemish. She sank her toes deeply into the lambs' skin, like a cat kneading a pure wool blanket on a cool summers eve. Clearly this takes practice! I wondered if her shoes had suddenly sprouted wings whilst my attention was diverted elsewhere. Perhaps she piloted herself across the mud-strewn pathway. Or, possibly, my sandals had conveniently absorbed all of nature’s excrements, like a squad of Sponge Pockets clearing a path for her arrival without as much as a hint of soil clinging to the bottom of her shoes. Unfortunately for me, it was the latter.

At this very moment the saying 'sometimes you've got to put your best foot down (or could that be forward?) to get a leg up in life' came to mind. Please, no questioning the mind of a creative genius, after all, who really knows why one thinks as one does, and what on earth did that have to do with the given situation I found myself in? Regardless, it was all the encouragement I had at the time, thus I grabbed hold and ran with it.

I said a little prayer and gently placed my feet down upon the forbidden holy ground. As fate would have it, enough time had lapsed to dry the soles of my shoes and I could finally breath a sigh of relief as I brushed away the evidence. My companion, on the other hand, was not so lucky. However, since we were both in the back seat, it's likely the soiled carpet will go unbeknownst to the owners. Hopefully the hired help will do a jolly good job of making it all disappear, spit spot, as the like of Mary Poppins no less, before their next scheduled outing. One can only hope.

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Why don't sheep shrink when it rains anyway?!


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