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Wow! Time sure has flown over the last few months hasn't it?! One minute it’s June and then suddenly July is half over. What’s up with that!? Before we know it summer will be but a pocket full of marvelous memories of sunshine and happy thoughts for each of us to treasure.

As much as I love to linger on the balcony in this beautiful sunshine sipping my long cool glass of iced tea, enveloped by the gentle trickle of the waterfall as I eavesdrop on my resident feathered friends, right now I’ve got work to do!

My first order of business was to do a little trouble shooting on my blog site. Seems I wasn’t able to add or edit posts. So please accept my apologies for my absence over the last few weeks. I was very thankful that I managed to fix the glitch on my own... so here we go...

I love it when I’ve got good news to report. My signs are going well at the Passionate Home and I’ve been working on replenishing my pieces this week.

I have a bit of a mix going on today. Most are pallet signs, but I did get in some lovely old picket fence pieces as well, all rustic and funky looking.

There are so many possibilities here to create some wonderful pieces from this reclaimed wood. Pick a word, any word. Would you like to direct your guests to the cottage or the garden? Do you have a lake house or cabin? Or maybe you even have a party going on? The possibilities are endless. Just remember if you’re thinking of ordering one, the supply of authentic vintage picket fence pieces are limited and they are going fast. (email me privately to order please) I can make them singles or multiple words. They make great gifts and, according to my daughter-in-law, it’s never too early for Christmas shopping! LOL.

Where's the beach you say? Why look no further....

Simplistic and calming. Ahhh the simple life...another perfect day.

A friend of mine put in a special order that's gotten my creative juices flowing in another direction. Straight from party time to green eggs and ham. Not such a stretch for the 'morning after'?! Oh my! Let's hope we're talking about them being Dr. Seuss inspired, and not an 'I'm green around the gills' kind of morning. Here's lookin' at you kid!

Can you see the mountains in the background? Subtle is nice sometimes don't you think?

Of course it's just a hop, skip and a jump from mountains to monkeys. Story time in my world of grandchildren usually ends up being just a little rambunctious. Come on. A little bit of monkeying around can be a lot of fun. Isn't that what Grandmas are for?

Then of course it's time to settle the little angels down. Isn't this one sweet?! I just love her beautiful angelical face.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sweet Dreams everyone!



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